Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for Endometriosis

Natural physical factors for the treatment of endometriosis have been used for a long time, which is associated with the presence of natural sources of radon and proven methods of its medical use.

Low-Frequency Impulse Currents

Electrophoresis of medicinal substances, in particular iodine, using pulsed currents allows the administration of small doses of the drug, which contributes to its deposition in the skin for up to 3 weeks and its gradual entry into the blood, its accumulation in the pelvic area. This is of great importance in the chronic course of the disease since, accumulating in the focus of inflammation, iodine ions inhibit alteration and exudation and stimulate the processes of reparative regeneration after surgical treatment of endometriosis. Under the influence of iodine, the balance of releasing hormones of the pituitary gland and sex hormones is normalized.

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